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I am Marisa, and of course I am a photographer.  While I love all things pretty, I am not adverse to real life.  I have been pooped AND pee'd on during a session.  I have had sessions where 3 out of 4 people think I am the best thing ever, while that one lonely person would be perfectly happy if I suddenly had to fight off a swarm of bees during our session. Never fear!  I love what I do, and I love the people that I get to meat.  You hired me, so check that part of.  Having an amazing session?  We have to work on that together!  So take a look at the rest of my site, my instagram, my blog, get to know me and my work some more, and if are are a match...which I am hoping we are (c'mon...whose more awesome than I?)"  let's talk!  Phone calls, emails, FaceTime, meeting up for coffee in person, because, YAY COFFEE! Let's make it happen!

9 years in business (this October will officially 9 years!!!), and not having to go on Judge Judy yet, I'd say I am pretty good.  Of course my clients have said better words, so be sure to join my very own private Facebook group for clients and friends, and stay in the know!

Love cute babies & kids?  Check out my newborn & children galleries to get your fill of adorable little ones!

My Session Guide will give you all of the info you need on the booking process, pricing, and more. Check it out!

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