A special thanks to my clients!

I always like to thank my friends, and to thank my clients turned into friends-I have special pricing for you!

here are the details!!! This is for those who have already booked a
session with me previously. Book by 10/15/17 and ANY portrait
collection is 40% off. You can check out the pricing here: http://www.marisataylorphotography.com/pricing

Now that doesn’t mean you have to HAVE your session on the calendar by
10/15/17, unless of course you wanted an awesome fall session. But it
does mean, you can book a session, and lock in the prices NOW for a
future date. And no worries, you don’t have to decide on the date yet.
Plus, you can book as many sessions as you want. So it’s almost as if
you are getting a 2 for 1 deal!!!

This is my way of saying a HUGE thank you for supporting my business so long and trusting me with so many of your memories!!!

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