Beautiful You {Delaware Portrait Photographer}

We are busy.

Picking up after kids.  Putting laundry away.  Making the house look decent.  Making sure your two year old doesn’t jump off the book shelf because he just watched Superman and believes he can fly.

You are in your sweat pants, or your yoga pants, or whatever pair of your favorite leggings because they are stretchy and soft.

Your hair may be swept back into a low ponytail, or a high messy bun (which seems to be the trend nowadays!)

If you don’t have children, you are coming home, exhausted from working.  Perhaps pouring a glass of wine.  

Reading the text message from your friend reminding you that you and her have a dinner date tonight, and now you regret planning ahead because all you want to do is sleep.

Through it all, you are beautiful.  So, so beautiful.

Yes, I photograph a lot of babies, and mothers to be.  Families, and children, and weddings.  But I also photograph beautiful women.  I photograph you.  You need photos where YOU are the subject, and your beauty shines through. 

I have photographed quite a few boudoir and beauty sessions over the years.  Many were the mothers from babies that I photographed.  I don’t keep my boudoir site live on this site, but if you are interested in booking one.   Please contact me, and I can send you the site link and password. 

No matter what, you are always beautiful.

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