Brand Your Business

Branding is very important to a business.  You want your clients to be able to recognize your business as soon as they see their products.  And as a photographer, delivering the digital images from a clients session is a great opportunity to keep your branding and business on their mind.  Every time they go to retrieve the images to look at, your logo should be what they see.  I use a great company called USB Memory Direct for my clients USB’s.  They offer a wide range of options for the USB; everything from wood to plastic cards, and full color or black and white coloring for your logo.  The pricing is up front when you request a quote, and they offer full cover previews of your USB.  Plus, they ship fast!  Here are a couple of images of my wooden USB’s with my text logo.  

If you want to get your own custom flash drives, be sure to check out their website! Their service is super fast, and I am sure you will be pleased.

Have a great day!!!

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