It’s Cyber Monday!!! Check inside for my most awesome offer yet!!!

We made it through Turkey Day and Black Friday! Now it’s back to work, but at least we have one thing to bide our time. Cyber Monday.  Oh, how wonderful online shopping can be!

This year, I went all out with what I am offering.  A crazy good deal on boudoir sessions and images, donating to charity, and rolling out new products.

Here is the gist of what I am offering, and a direct link to purchase your spot:

Okay, so here are the details. They are long, but it’s worth the read, and it’s definitely worth investing in yourself!  This is the first and only time I am offering something like this!

So, what’s the deal?

It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to offer for Cyber Monday.  I didn’t want to do the same thing that I have done in years prior, but I did know that I wanted to do something good while making people feel good.  I am a big advocate for body positivity, and I believe that everyone deserves a bit of pampering and to feel gorgeous.  And then have beautiful art created with them being the focus.  And with that, out came todays special!  With each boudoir session booked, we will assemble and create an essentials care basket for women in need.  

Not only that, I am offering these sessions with new products, and at a price that I have never done before.  Which means you will be the first to receive the new products that I am offering for my portrait and wedding clients! This is the first and the only time that I will be doing this this year, so don’t let it pass you by!  You will regret not jumping on this when you had the chance!

I also want to tell you that boudoir is anything that you want it to be.  You can decided to go total sexy bombshell with lingerie, heels, hair and make up; or you can keep it cute & causal with an oversized off the shoulder sweatshirt and knee high socks.  You can even bring your partner and do a couples boudoir session!!!  If you were hesitant about this before, I want you to know that you can trust me, and no time is better than now!  We will talk during our consultation what it is that you want from this session.

Boudoir Marathon Details

These boudoir sessions will take place on Saturday December 14th to Sunday December 15th, at the Embassy Hotel in Newark, DE.

Each session is only $175, and you will receive the following:

-PreSession consult to discuss what to expect, what to wear, the process, etc

-45 minute boudoir session

-Online viewing gallery with 20 professionally edited images within 48 hours of session date

-10(ten) 4x6” mounted metallic prints in a gorgeous velvet storage pouch

*Product Upgrades available*

If you and a friend book, you will both receive a $25 gift print credit!

*Payment of $175 is due in full at time of booking.  You will be contacted to select your date and time slot.  Order goes in first come first served*

Click here to purchase your session online:

Sweet Upgrades!

Vanilla linen print box with white ribbon

$55 for 10 4x6” metallic mounted prints

$90 for 20 4x6” metallic mounted prints

Linen slip-in matted albums

$80 for 10 4x6” metallic mounted prints

$90 for 20 4x6” metallic mounted prints

Rose gold brass + glass print box

$110 for 10 4x6” standard metallic prints -or- $140 for 10 4x6” metallic mounted prints

$155 for 20 4x6” standard metallic prints -or- $ $180 for 15 metallic mounted prints

*Special- 8x10” Rose gold brass + glass print box*

$300 for 10 8x10” mounted metallic prints

$335 for 10 8x10” metallic matted prints

**These are the first time that I am offering these products and THE ONLY time that they will be available at these prices!**

And here are the products that I am offering:

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