My favorite things: USB Memory Direct

Being a photographer, presentation is key.  Especially when it comes to how you present your clients prints and images products to them.  I have worked with USB Memory Direct in the past when I had wooden USB’s engraved with my tree logo.  Many of my wedding and portrait clients will remember these:

Since then, I have rebranded my business and wanted something more modern, and more importantly-something that won’t get lost in a desk drawer.  So the USB cards from USB Memory Direct were literally perfect for what I needed.  I have my logo on the front, and an Anne Geddes quote on the back.  But you can customize to how you wish, and even make it look like your actual business card.  Take a look at what I am offering now:

The USB slides out of the card and goes into your computer, when you are done-you just slide it back in.  These are perfect, because you can keep them in your wallet, and unless you are like my husband-you don’t tend to lose your wallet a lot.  So these will be what my clients will be receiving from here on out!

Also, USB Memory Direct is having a flash sale that is good to this Thursday.  $100 off of your order of customized USB’s. 

Use the code BTS17100

Hope you enjoy browsing their selection and creating your own!

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