Why I want you to print your images

If you have ever been in my home for a session in my home studio, as soon as you walk in you will see prints and canvases on my walls, on my fireplace, and on desks.  In fact, as soon as you enter, there is a huge 16x20” print of my family in a even bigger aqua colored frame from The Organic Bloom.  One entire wall in my living room is adorned with framed prints and canvases.  My fireplace is stacked with frame and mounted prints.  And any other available wall and shelf space through my home is full of prints and canvases as well.  I have even started ordering square prints from Artifact Uprising, hanging twine, and using wooden clothes pins to put the prints up on the twine.

Needless to say, I love prints.  And I want you to love prints as well.

I will not deny, digital is awesome.  Sharing images at the touch of a finger with friends and family is wonderful!  But print is better.

Here is the thing, my work does not end once I edit your images and you order.  I want you to have beautiful, printed images on your walls.  I want you to smile when you see the gorgeous images, of you and your family, printed on stunning paper that only a professional lab can provide.  I get asked why do I offer digital images and collections, if I want you to print?  Bottom line, I want to give you options.  One of the main reasons why clients purchase digital images is so that they can share them with family and friends, send them to family members that are not local, and always have them to print out as you please. And trust me, I think that is wonderful!  But let’s be honest, how many of you go through and print those photos?  Or you do you just leave them on the disc or USB, collecting dust after you have uploaded them.  And when you do print them, I am in no control over the quality of how your images will look once you print them out.  It breaks my heart when clients tell me that they are not happy with how their prints look that they printed from a drug store or online.  I want you to be ecstatic with your images, and the best way to display your images beautifully, is with professional prints.  I can promise you that the paper quality, the color, the presentation when ordered through a professional lab is so much better!

And don’t worry, you can still share your images from sessions with me online with your family and friends!  In fact, you can share images from your gallery directly to your Facebook!  So your family and friends will definitely be able to see your adorable baby, how you are glowing during your maternity session, or how happy your family looks from your maternity session.  Sharing is the best, and I definitely want you to share your images!  But in order to have just as equally beautiful images that you see on my walls and from your gallery, professional printing is the way to go.

This doesn’t only apply to images from your session either!  I think you should print out images that you take as well!  Whether they are taken on your phone or with your own camera, uploaded to instagram, bottom line…PRINT THEM OUT!  Even if you think you will have those images online forever, nothing beats opening up an album, or a box that contains your printed images and thumbing through them and reliving those memories over and over.  My favorite places to print images and albums from my instagram and cell phone are Artifact Uprising and Parabo Press (use the code FREE to get 25 free prints on your first order).

So go forth and print!

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