Birth Photography

Why birth photography?

Bringing a new life into this world is such a magnificent, crazy, emotion filled event, and in the midst of all the craziness, your s.o. might be preoccupied with holding your hand to take pictures, or the buzzing in and out of nurses can distract you.  Having a birth photographer allows you and the ones who you want to be there to just be, and support you, while artistically documenting this beautiful event.  Whether it be in a hospital or birth center, natural birth or c-section, birth is a beautiful thing, and capturing them is an honor.

I had both of my births photographed, and am so grateful that I did.  Seeing those images, seeing what my body went through, the pain and yet the happiness, and the emotions of my husband and family was truly something special.  While I was so focused on the act of giving birth, my photographer was able to capture the emotion and the activity in the room, and I will always love her for that.  

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