Welcome to my shop for my fellow photographers!  Here you can find tools and products designed to make your job as a photographer easier.  Besides, who better to know what a photographer needs, than a photographer herself?  I hope that my products can ease your workflow and make your job easier.  If you have any questions, you can always contact me.

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Client Info & Order Sheet

Perfect for portrait photographers.  Even though we live in the digital age, I love having things written down that I can check off as well.  I created these two sheets to put in your clients information, as well as their session information.  The Order sheet is perfect for doing IPS or keeping a paper copy from your client ordering images online.  These are fully customizable, so you are able to change the fonts, colors, text, as well as add your logo.

Luxe Gold Mock-Ups

For both wedding and portrait photographers.  These mock-ups are perfect for use as blog headings, newsletter headings, and images to display your own work as well.  You can't go wrong with the sleekness and stylishness of gold.

Wedding Client & Workflow Sheets

Designed for wedding photographers by wedding photographers!  This bundle has three fully customizable and ready print sheets for your: 1)Wedding client info + workflow 2)Wedding Image Order 3)Album order design + workflow.

You can change the font, color, and sections, as well as print from ready to print sheets.

Blogging Organization

Use this sheet to keep all of your sessions that you need to blog organized and ready to go.  Spaces for blog titles, tags, seo, dates, and more are included, as well as the ability to customize text, font, color, and more.

Social Media Plan

Social media is the way to go when marketing your business.  This sheet was designed to keep your social media information in place, as well as a check-list for your marketing plan using social media.

Mini-Session Bundle

Designed to help you pull off the perfect mini-sessions from start to finish.  Includes brain-storming and inspiration pages, shopping list, session day sign in, client workflow, and image order sheet.

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