What to Wear?

One of the most common questions I get when booking a session is "what do we wear?!"  There is no need to panic!  Hopefully I can help you find clothing you and your family will look great in for your session.  Feel free to visit this great Styling Guide from Clickin Moms, and my main What to Wear Guides are located on my Pinterest Page.

I can also help you in figuring out what to wear.  Styling is one of my favorite things to do, and I have no problem at all discussing styling options with you.  Of course I want you to look fabulous in front of the camera for your session, so if you do have questions feel free to contact me, and we can talk about what to wear for your session.

My personal client wardrobe

 I have been collecting items for years to make the styling portion of your session one less thing for you to worry about.   I have gorgeous girls dresses that fit about 2t-3t including very pretty party dresses, full tutu's and knit rompers.  For newborns, I have so many clothing options for them!  Of course I have the stretch knit wrap that you see is popular in my galleries.  I also have headbands, bonnets, knit & hat sets, lace rompers for girls up to 3-4 years of age, bowties, and a few hats for the little guys.

I want you to look AMAZING for your session, and if you want to go above and beyond a regular family session, or whatever session it is you are booking with me, I know some great places to purchase and rent stunning items for little ones to adults to make you stand out during your session, and will look amazing when printed. Trust me!  Here is that list:

Anna Triant Couture
Oh So Dolly!
Tutu Du Monde
Rent the Runway
Eshakti-(Receive $40 off your first order of $70 or above with link)

And of course, you can never go wrong with finding beautiful items at Etsy! 

Some other great websites to find amazing clothing on, especially some amazing deals are:


For your session you can get as glitz-ed up or cute and comfortable as you would like.  I am full of advice on what to wear  that looks good with whatever location we are at, and make you look your best in your pictures.  Styling and details will be discussed during your consultation and throughout the days leading up to your session,

View my Maternity Look Book Here!

Maternity Gowns & More!

Many mothers that I photograph say "oh! this feels so comfortable" when they slip into one of the maternity gowns I have.  You can view a better selection and choose to purchase your own if you wish (they make GREAT dresses for baby showers, and just to look pretty in! on Etsy.  For maternity sessions, you can go as glamorous or as comfortable as you want!  Be sure to bring comfy shoes!

Be sure to check out my Maternity Look Book for the lovely maternity gowns I have on hand photographed on different women of all shapes and sizes.  New gowns are added from time to time.

The two shops that I get my gowns from on Etsy are Sew Trendy Accessories who has recently released a new line! & Korrin Art Design

What you should NOT wear?

I typically like for my clients to wear clothes that express themselves, and makes them feel comfortable.  But do remember, you are paying for photographs, you are paying for art, you want to look your best right?  So here are some things NOT to wear:

-The same exact color for tops and pants.  I hate to be the one to break it to you, but no one does the jean and white shirt thing anymore.  You are an individual, stand out!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking one color and working with complimentary colors and accessories to wear with your outfit.

-Uncomfortable shoes.  More thank likely,  if your session is outside, you will be walking.  If you are in heels, and hate heels, you will be miserable.  Also keep in mind, there will be shots that include your whoel body, so wear your best dress shoes or casual shoes or sneakers.

-Clashing patterns.  Try to avoid wearing chunky stripes, turtle necks, white shoes/sneakers (we don't want them to get dirty!)

Hair & Make-up

As I said earlier, if you wish for hair & make up, you would have to make those arrangements yourself prior to your session, or have your hair styled when you arrive.  When booking a session, please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to have your hair and make up styled, and I will try my best to put you in contact with a hair stylist and make up artist. 

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